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How to Advocate for Paid Leave at Your Work

Three steps to help equip you to speak confidently with your employer about paid leave, using accurate, well-researched information. 

How to Organize and Advocate

Ways for parents to organize in order to effectively advocate on the city and state levels.


Conversations to Have with Your Partner about Leave

Suggested topics you and your partner can use to discuss plans and expectations about leave now, before the baby arrives.

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How to Be an Effective Change Maker

We are at a crossroads in the United States. It is up to each one of us to stop the ball from rolling backward, turn it around, and push it back up the hill....and beyond.

How to (Help Your Workplace) Create a First-Rate Pump Room

A checklist you can use to help your workplace create a top-notch space.

How to Get Preschool on the Ballot

Basic steps you can take to get high-quality and accessible preschool on the ballot and passed in your city.

How to Adovate for Paid Leave in Your State

General guidelines to help you more easily and effectively approach and communicate with your state representative about paid family and medical leave.

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