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Blogging Guidelines​
Want to contribute to the blog? Here's what you need to know:

Goals: The blog exists to create conversation and collaboration, to provide a space for parents to share their stories, and to encourage parents to take action in the push for family-friendly change.


Content: Keep it original and keep it well-written. We’re a small but mighty bunch, so while Bringing Up Family reserves the right to edit a blog post, don’t assume that will happen.


Author Byline: You’re important! Don’t forget to send us a sentence or two bio that we can include with your post, along with your photograph.


Tone: We love folks who are respectfully cheeky and passionate. (Channel your inner John Oliver).


Images: Yes please! Include at least one image along with your certification that we have right of use.


Topics: Let’s talk about YOU! We’re looking for your experiences, thoughts, and opinions related to maternity leave, paternity leave, flexible workplace policies, early childhood education, after school care, wage gap, equality, working parents, sharing care, supporting both moms and dads, enjoying life/parenting, LGBT families, and the push — whether a success or setback — for positive family-friendly change.


Target audience: Parents (and those who may one day become parents) in the United States. 


Comments: Our hope is your post is just the start of a conversation. Don’t leave us hanging. Plan to reply to blog comments, particularly the first few weeks after the post is published.


Sharing: Writing is easy, you just open up a vein and bleed (said sportswriter Red Smith). Make sure the world sees your hard work. Once it’s published, share, share, share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…. We’ll do the same on our social media channels.


Reposting Policy: We can’t help it, we want to be your first. So while we generally do not accept submissions previously published elsewhere, you’re welcome to repost content three days after it’s published on Bringing Up Family. Just make sure any links come back to the original on Bringing Up Family.


Linking Policy: Yes to linking to related content on Bringing Up Family and to sources for any statistics mentioned in the post. Yes to linking to content that provides additional resources to the reader about the topic at hand. NO, No, no to link bait. Also, make sure all links work.


Formatting: Microsoft Word for written content and JPEGs for images. 


Submission Process: Email your fully written post to us at Include your Twitter handle, Facebook page, and/or LinkedIn profile, if those exist. Confirm with us that the post is an unpublished original. While we are beyond appreciative of your submission, acceptance is at the sole discretion of Bringing Up Family. We will notify you of our decision.


Incentive: Your post will contribute to the call for positive family-supportive change in the United States. And we’ll include your bio, pic, and link. 


Legal Stuffs: By submitting your work, you agree to these Blogging Guidelines as well as Bringing Up Family's Terms of Service.










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